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    Discover our collection, find your hat! Stand proud, wear “La Coiffe”.

    Protection | Warmth | Comfort | Beauty | Softness | Personality | Laughter | Pride
    • “La Coiffe”: a collection of accessories: head scarves, hats, turbans, indoor or outdoor hats.
    • “La Coiffe”: original, creative designs that will turn heads.
    • “La Coiffe”: carefully selected materials to ensure your comfort.

    Hats make a difference in everyday life. Natural fibers that breathe, such as silk and bamboo, are preferred. We offer three collections: indoor hats, summer hats and winter hats. We also make exclusive custom designs: ask for yours!

    We make hats designed for people who suffer from alopecia or alopecia areata and for those undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy in their fight against cancer.

    “Our designs ( shapes , materials and sizes ) are tailored to the reality of hair loss. They emphasize self-esteem, in a caring approach that appeals to the senses.”

    The artisan
    “For several years, I worked on fibre coloring and on creating hand-made clothing and hand-painted fashion accessories. My search for creative and exciting accessories led me to design hats. Transforming these luxury items into objects of solidarity and social commitment, while allowing people who have lost their hair to regain self-esteem, gives meaning to my creation.”

    — José Larouche artisan milliner

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